Faux Rustic Antlers:

I’m really enjoying the Rustic look as of late. On a recent trip up to Lake Tahoe, I searched high and low for a pair of antlers that were shed. Did you know that antlers are shed every season!? I did not but was ecstatic when I found out. Unfortunately, I came back from the woods empty-handed. I did however find tree branches, Y-shaped, that could pass for antlers with a little crafty touch. Here’s the How To:

1. Find Y-shaped branches. They don’t have to be exactly shaped like a Y, you can see mine below aren’t perfect but it adds a little character.


2. Pick up 2 packages of clary, one pack per branch.  Here is what I used …


3. Cover the branches. I did leave some ends exposed and not completely covered to achieve a more raw look.


I ended up placing them on my mantle. I am still working on my burlap runner but will post pictures once the display is finished!

Total time spent with this project: 1 hour

Total cost: $12. Branches were free =)